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Fiction and Social Responsibility: Where Do They Intersect?

I recently attended the Third International Conference on Genocide, where I presented a paper on the rights and responsibilities of cultural appropriation. I wrote the paper because, having penned a novel from the point of view of a young Tutsi boy coming of age in the time surrounding the Rwandan genocide, it is a topic with which I frequently wrestle.…

The Genesis of Running the Rift

I have been writing since before I could write. Before I understood the power of the pencil and dragged my mother into every store we passed to beg for one, I made up stories and plays and performed them for an audience of stuffed animals and Claribel, my clown. I made my mother change the endings of songs that didn’t…

The Language of Water – How to Turn It Into Words

Water. You cannot hold onto it. No matter how hard you try, it will slip through the fingers of your cupped hand. It will trickle back through stream-rounded rocks and polished pebbles and then into the sand. How, then, do we capture this ephemeral feeling and turn it into words? I think about this as I walk through the dry…

Naomi Benaron
BookBrowse Reviewer

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